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photos from 2010 and earlier, taken with rudimentary devices of the times

“Are you embarrassed now?”
Jerky fail
Those are really big nuts
I can’t believe they actually used this headline
Burning the chicken
Balcony lights
Beautiful color
Waterfront wine
Mainstage view
Unattended children
I am SO there
Tonight’s wine selection
M/V Sealth
Giant rose!
Two scarecrows
There’s water in the distance
Exit receding
Sunrise over Lake Washington
One hundred sixty
Joker ain’t the only fool
Coffee jackassery
Railroad trax!
Outfield view
“Tasting and Lifestyle Garden”
The Enforcer
Concert crowd
Downtown Seattle is gorgeous at twilight
Four floors down
Sunday afternoon
After the aquarium
Into the fire?
Beautiful Mustang
It’s right side up after a few tastes
School bus in the ’hood
Bath time
Human ingenuity, or more likely desperation
Laundry fuel
Wall-to-wall people
I forgot my yodeling voice
“Arugula” is a funny word
Hello beers!
My chemical friend
Lake Washington sunset
We are 12
Ride-share sunset
Section 111
Section 122
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